Brancor Capital Partners

Committed to strive for excellence

  • Focus is set for value creation in potential high growth companies.

    Brancor Capital Partners rely on a basic approach to secure value creation in its investments. Portfolio companies are set to focus on reducing complexity, streamlining processes, reducing cost levels and ensuring an appropriate financial structure Further portfolio companies are encouraged to grow by exploiting expansion into new markets, product development and other organic growth initiatives while always considering add-on investments.

    Prior to an investment is made, Brancor Capital Partners systematically evaluates the business dynamics of the industry including the competitive position of the company. This provides Brancor Capital Partners with a clear view of the potential target company; in particular its growth and development opportunities.

    Brancor Capital Partners work closely with a wide network of industrial advisers, drawing on the expertise and contacts of this network when analyzing strategic opportunities and when nominating board members to portfolio companies.

    Brancor Capital Partners intrinsic culture is characterized by a hands-on approach with high energy and commitment to create long-term value in the portfolio companies.